What creates an upscale home experience in your guest rooms?

What creates an upscale home experience in your guest rooms?

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Whether you are a Luxury, Boutique Hotel, or have a suite to highlight to your guests; Clear Sight & Sound can help you take your guest room to the next level with Bose.

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We are showcasing a sample of some of Bose new Hospitality line that can be used in the way your guests will appreciate.  It’s all about the experience. Bose has a reputation for delivering extraordinary sound experience in home entertainment and automotive sound.  This is the reason Clear Sight & Sound has teamed up with Bose to provide this great new line to our Hotels.

The new line has speaker size and quality to provide the soft background music needed for your lobby area, to the medium sound level needed in your breakfast area, bar or restaurant to the loud volume needed in a fitness facility, lounge or lively restaurant.  The speakers are available in wall units for flush installation or cube design.  The flush wall units are paintable.

It has the capability to switch between sources without sudden volume changes by using Bose Source Leveling controls.  Source Leveling controls the sound and keeps it at the same level so feel free to use several sources. For example you could us MP3s, satellite programming or radio, and your guests will not notice a change in sound level.

Here at CSS we are working with our clients to increase their guests experience and create additional revenue sources through a higher level of guest experience.  Wanting to create an upscale home experience in your suites, Clear Sight and Sound can help you design an experience that will wow your guests.  We are featuring the home theatre experience in your suites to give your guest a better than home experience while not disturbing other guests.

Check out the full Bose Hospitality Solutions Brochure here.

For more information regarding these and other great product offerings, contact Sales@Clearsightmn.com or call us at 888-523-4888.


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