Cable running…with a plastic bag?

Cable running…with a plastic bag?

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371a8206-ca88-4d5b-a374-012183a99f70Here’s a trick that you can use when you need to run cable in a conduit, instead of using fish tape.

What you’ll need (in addition to the cable, of course!): plastic bag with handles, string, shop vac and small piece of cardboard.

  1. Take the plastic bag and tie a pull string onto the handles, and the other end to the cables.
  2. Put the bag into the conduit.
  3. Using a shop vac on the other end of the conduit, put a small piece of cardboard that’s got a hole cut into it the size of the end of the shop vac’s hose.
  4. Put the hose through the hole of the cardboard.
  5. Put the cardboard over the opening of the conduit.
  6. Turn on shop vac and the bag and string will come through the conduit. Shut the shop vac off.
  7. Pull string through until other end with cable arrives and you’re done!


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