Digital Signage

Digital SignageDigital Signage Software, Players, Content Design and Management provides unlimited opportunities to creativly communicate any content, marketing campaign, promotional offers, news, and information that drives engagement.


Most products can be customized to fit the particular needs of each property and provide a positive experience for guests during their stay. Digital signage needs can be customized to include concierge boards, menu touch screens or room boards.

In the hospitality industry, digital signage is becoming the preferred choice for displaying:

  • Conference/Meeting Rooms and Schedules
  • In-House Channels (Hotel Channel/Marketing Guides and Travel Testinations)
  • Public Displays
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Hotel Services
  • Welcome Channels



More Than Just a Pretty Picture

Digital signs can be effectively deployed to improve ROI by engaging guests interactively, informing them of hotel services offered in restaurants, bars, spas and shops, and they also inform guests about upcoming and current scheduled events. They improve the efficiency of your staff by handling routine information requests about the location and timing of events, leaving your front desk staff to greet arriving guests and handle other customer interactions.

Content Creation

Creating content for your digital signage is easier than you think. With each digital sign package, you get a set of starter slides put together for your displays. We can customize your slides to automatically update for events that are programmed for future dates.


Take a look at your signs and displays and then ask what a well-designed
digital signage package can do for you.

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